Wellington Heath: house names map


This map shows all the house names in the village of Wellington Heath (which is in Ledbury, Herefordshire, UK). It does not show the whole of the parish of Wellington Heath; there are outlying houses which are not shown.

The map seeks to show the names currently used by the occupants of the houses. It may not always tie up with the Royal Mail lists or the official lists held by Herefordshire Council.

The map is schematic; it is most definitely not to scale. But, it does show the roads on which houses are to be found; and it shows how houses are located relative to one another on those roads.

The index gives a map reference for each house as a letter and a number. The letters are shown across the top and bottom of the map (A to K); the numbers are shown down the sides (1 to 6).

the map and index

You can download a copy of the map here. It is held as a .pdf file, so you can either read it in your browser, or you can download it and then print it. (If you have an A4 printer, print it 'landscape'.)

There is an alphabetical index to the house names on the map. You can download a copy of the index here. Like the map, this is a .pdf file.

printing the map as A3

If you have an A3 printer, you can download the map a copy of the map here and then print it A3.

If you have an A4 printer and not an A3 printer, you can print the left and right sides of the map separately and then stick them together to make an A3 map. They go together like this:


To print the left side of the map, download it here and print it A4.

To print the right side of the map, download it here and print it A4.

Stick the maps together and you have the A3 map.

changed names

Houses have their names changed; the name you are looking for may no longer be on the map. This list shows recent changes and alternatives to house names.

comments and errors

The map and index are believed to be accurate. If either is not, please tell me so that later editions may be more accurate. Send an email to gk@gkirk.com.

copyright and free use

The copyright in this map and associated lists belongs to Gordon Kirk. You are free to use it for whatever purpose so long as you don't derive commercial benefit by selling it. More particularly, its use is subject to the GNU General Public License v3 ( at www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html).

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