Wellington Heath: house names map index

Note the 'location' of the house you are looking for. Then, find the house on the map. The location letters and numbers are along the top and down the sides of the map (A to K and 1 to 6). Here's the map.

Ackland Cottage F5
Arkle Cottage F5
Arknell Cottage F5
Arknell Farm F5
Ashley House C4
Avenmor E5
Bali Hai G2
Bankside F3
The Barn Office J2
The Becks G2
The Brackens G3
Bownham House C4
The Brambles B3
Bramblings F2
Brook House F5
Burtons Bungalow B2
Burtons Farm B2
Berrington D5
Callow Croft A3
Canopies F5
Capella C6
Cardiff Cottage D2
Charnwood E5
Christ Church C2
Clematis Cottage H1
Croft Cottage B4
The Common G3
The Copse D3
The Cottage H2
The Croft B4
Dawn Run Cottage J2
Derwent Bank G5
Dillons Orchard D6
The Dingle D4
Dogberry Cottage F5
Dogberry Orchard H5
Downton G4
Draw Well Cottages G4
Eden D2
1-2 Elm Tree Cottage B6
3 Elm Tree Cottage B6
3a Elm Tree Cottage B6
1- 4 Elmtree Cottages B6
Evendine F2
Farmers Arms E4
Fir Cottage D5
The Forge C2
Foxgloves F5
Foxghyll G4
Freemans Cottage E5
Friar's Orchard E3
The Gables H2
The Glen C2
Godshill C6
Good Acres B2
Greenbank E4
Hathersage C6
The Haven D6
Hazlewood E2
Heligan F4
Highland C5
High Ridge F1
High View E2
Hill Cottage H2
Hillside E5
Holborn F5
The Hollies H2
Holly Banks G2
Hollytree G3
Hope End K3
Hope End House K2
Hope End School House D2
Inn Keeper's Cottage E4
Iona F4
Jay House D5
Jesmond C6
Keeper's Cottage H1
Keepers Croft C5
Lantern Grove K2
Lantern Lodge J2
Laurel House A2
Lawnswood E2
Lincoln D6
Linwell House J2
Long Acre F6
Longworth D6
Loxter Cottage H1
Loxter Villas H1
Maribor F4
Marlbank C6
Maycroft H3
May Hill View C4
The Memorial Hall D2
Mortar Cottage F5
Myrtle Cottage A2
Neida F5
Nightingales G2
Oak Lodge C4
Oak Tree Close F2
Oak Tree Cottage A2
Oak View F5
Oakwell G2
Oakwood C6
Ochre Hill Cottages H3
Old Hall K2
Old School House G4
The Old Vicarage C2
1 Orchard Gardens C4
Orchard House (1) E2
Orchard House (2) C6
Orchard Lodge B5
Pear Tree Cottage D4
Perrycroft C4
Pilgrims Edge G4
Piper's Gate D4
Pippins E5
Poppyfields B2
Raycombe Farm G1
Raycombe House H1
Rhossili C4
Ridgeway (1) E3
Ridgeway (2) F4
Ridge Hill E3
Rivendell F4
Robinhill D2
Rosebank E4
Rose Cottage F2
Roseleigh C5
Rosemine B4
School Cottages G4
Simon's Gate B4
Spindleberry C5
Springfield F4
The Squatters Cottage B3
Squire's Mount F2
Stone Cottage E5
Strathmore D6
Sunnyside E2
Sun View E2
The Swallow G2
Swallow Farm G2
Tattersalls J2
The Barn Office J2
The Becks G2
The Brackens G3
The Brambles B3
The Common G3
The Copse D3
The Cottage H2
The Croft B4
The Dingle D4
The Forge C2
The Gables H2
The Glen C2
The Haven D6
The Hollies H2
The Memorial Hall D2
The Old School House G2
The Old Vicarage C2
The Squatters Cottage B3
The Swallow G2
The Walled Garden K2
The Windmill D1
The Yews D5
Tree Tops C6
Tree View House D6
Twinkelow Cottage A5
Uplands Cottage B2
Uplands Farm A2
Uplands Farm Bungalow A2
Uplands Orchard A2
Upper House A1
Upper Lodge K2
Vermont D6
Victoria Row G3
The View H2
Vine Cottage C5
The Walled Garden K2
Wayside F2
White Cottage C2
The Windmill D1
Winsford F5
Withers Farm A2
Woodfield House G4
Woodlands C1
Woodview Cottage G1
Woodside (1) H1
Woodside (2) C5
Woodside Bungalow B3
The Yews D5